Personal Protection Academy

H2 - Defensive Marksmanship Drills

Half-day course: Live-fire
Requisite Training: H1 or Carry Permit Training with Live-Fire
Handgun, clean and in safe working condition
185 rounds of range ammunition
Holster - master-side, on-the-belt, directional-draw, and must cover the trigger guard (optional)
5 dummy rounds (can be purchased day of course)
Ear and eye protection (available for loan on day of course)
Cap, with brim
Snacks (optional)

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Fundamentals Review
Review of safety, shooting, and ammunition fundamentals

Slow Aimed Fire Drill
Fundamental marksmanship practice to utilize all the fundamentals and have the bullet go where desired

Dummy Round Drill
Practice technique to discover if shooter is interrupting sight alignment in anticipation of recoil

Calling Shots Drill
Teaches concentration on correct sight alignment by shooter stating where the bullet should strike the target according to sight picture at the break of the shot

Receding Bullseyes Drill
Teaches awareness of factors that degrade accuracy at longer distances and prompts corrections to fundamentals

Trigger Reset Drill
Teaches quick recovery after the shot and preparation for a follow-up shot. Defender learns to reset the sear and then prep the trigger by taking up slack to ready the action for the follow-up shot

Controlled Pairs Drill
Teaches the preferred engagement method when encountering a need for very discriminating shooting

Consecutive Pairs Drill
Teaches shot-to-shot follow-through, visual awareness, shooting smoothly by isolating follow-through mechanics, making shots feel connected and continuous

Accelerated Pairs Drill
Teaches accurate fire at top-speed by training the eye to make instantaneous verification of the sight picture

Flash Sight Picture Drill
Teaches engaging a threat at close range when a defender has little time to acquire a correct deliberate sight picture

Rhythm Drill
Develops ability to hit the target, acquire the target in a prescribed time frame, and control the trigger press in deliberate rhythm

All topics on this page are covered in a half-day of training