Personal Protection Academy

CCP+H1 - Comprehensive Carry Permit Training

6-hour classroom, plus about one hour live-fire
Requisite Training: None
Handgun (available for rent day of course)
50 rounds of range ammunition
Ear and eye protection
Snacks (optional)

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State-Certified Carry Permit Instruction
Training required by Wisconsin and Florida prior to application for permits to carry a concealed weapon

Lawful Use of Force
Legalities of using force, or threatening to use it, in self-defense, so law enforcement recognizes your actions as justifiable rather than criminal

Proactive Legal Defense
Actions you must take and must not take before and after a defensive gun use if you want to stay out of prison

Handgun Possession
Legalities of possessing defensive firearms in your home, business, other states, and during travel by land and air

Safe Carry and Concealment
Methods, mechanics, holster types, clothing, everyday events, safely using a public restroom while armed, securing a firearm in a vehicle when necessary before entering restricted areas, safely being around police officers while armed

Competent First-Response
Personal protection tactics, lawful use of force and defensive shooting principles you need to competently serve as your own first-responder while protecting yourself and loved ones before law enforcement can arrive on the scene

Handgun Knowledge
Types that help vs. hinder your struggle for survival during a defensive gun use; how semi-automatics and revolvers operate; clearing, loading, unloading, and firing sequence

Immediate-Action Drills
Procedures for immediately correcting failures to go into battery, to fire, and to eject casings during self-defense events

Safe Gun Handling
Primary causes of firearm accidents, elements of firearm safety, safety rules, teaching safety to others, range procedures and commands, and firearms storage

Center-fire and rim-fire types, cartridge components, firing sequence, procedure for assuring use of correct ammunition, recommendations for self-defense products, trajectory dangers, ammunition storage, and safely dealing ammunition malfunctions

Fundamentals of Shooting
Thorough instruction of defensive shooting stances, grips, breathing control, sight alignment and sight picture, trigger management, follow-through, dry-fire training, and handgun care, maintenance, and safe storage

Handgun Selection
Thorough discussion of caliber, weight, trigger systems, decocking mechanism, personal fit to the hand, quality and purpose features, and recommended self-defense gun list handout

Live-Fire Training
Great big dose of safety and hands-on instruction on handling, clearing, loading, unloading, and shooting of your revolver or semi-automatic handgun

All topics on this page are covered in about seven hours of training