Personal Protection Academy

C4 - Skills Testing and Certification

Half-day course: Live-fire
Requisite Training: C3
AR-15 Carbine (clean and in safe working condition, with front and rear iron sights)
180 rounds carbine ammunition
20 rounds handgun ammunition
Optical or red-dot type sighting system (optional)
Tactical sling (single-point is recommended)
Carbine magazines (3 minimum)
Web belt
Carbine mag pouch (2-mag minimum)
Dump pouch
Pistol holster (master-side, on-the-belt, directional-draw with retention mechanism, and must cover the trigger guard)
Pistol mag pouches (2-mag minimum)
Ear and eye protection
Knee and elbow pads (optional)
Ground pad (optional for firing from prone positions)
Cap (with brim)
Rain gear (optional)
Sack lunch
Snacks (optional)

Order This Course: (608) 239-7474

Course of Fire
Two cycles of a live-fire course of timed fire at ranges, beginning at 100 yards and advancing to 7 yards. This course of fire incorporates precision shooting, a variety of shooting positions, facing movements, shooting on the move, transitioning to and from a secondary weapon, speed and tactical reloading

Qualification Scoring
Total live rounds per cycle = 90 (two times over the course)
Point value for each round impacting head and/or high-chest center of mass = 3
Point value for each round impacting silhouette but outside of head or high-chest center = 1
Point value for each round outside of silhouette = 0
Range Officer will issue Cease Fire command at the end of each drill
Deduct 5 points for each round fired after Cease Fire command
Maximum possible score = 300

Score 270 to 300 = Carbine Master
Score 240 to 269 = Carbine Marksman
Score 210 to 239 = MEDEVAC
Score 209 or less = K.I.A.

All topics on this page are covered in a half-day of training