Personal Protection Academy

C3 - Tactical Movement, Transition to Secondary Weapon, Use of Cover, and Barricade Drills

Half-day course: Live-fire
Requisite Training: C2
AR-15 Carbine (clean and in safe working condition, with front and rear iron sights)
200 rounds carbine ammunition
32 rounds handgun ammunition
Optical or red-dot type sighting system (optional)
Tactical sling (single-point is recommended)
Carbine magazines (3 minimum)
Web belt
Carbine mag pouch (2-mag minimum)
Dump pouch
Pistol holster (master-side, on-the-belt, directional-draw with retention mechanism, and must cover the trigger guard)
Pistol mag pouches (2-mag minimum)
Ear and eye protection
Knee and elbow pads (optional)
Ground pad (optional for firing from prone positions)
Cap (with brim)
Rain gear (optional)
Sack lunch
Snacks (optional)

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Review of Speed and Tactical Reloading

Review of Malfunction Drills

Tactical Movement Drills
90° and 180° facing movement drills, forward movement drills, and lateral movement drills

Transition to Secondary Weapon Drills
Carbine-to-pistol and pistol-to-carbine

Use of Cover, Barricade, and Transition Shooting Drills
Standing, kneeling, prone

C4 Certification Course-of-Fire Practice
Timed fire from combinations of prone, kneeling, standing positions and during movement; speed and tactical reloading; and transition to secondary weapon courses of fire

Moving Target Principles
Ambush and leading techniques

All topics on this page are covered in a half-day of training