Personal Protection Academy

C1 - Intro to the AR-15, Marksmanship, and Weapon Manipulation

Half-day course: Classroom
Requisite Training: None
AR-15 Carbine (clean and in safe working condition, with front and rear iron sights)
Tactical sling (single-point is recommended)
Carbine magazines (2 minimum)
5 dummy rounds (can be purchased day of course)
Sack lunch
Snacks (optional)

Order This Course: (608) 239-7474

General Characteristics of the AR-15 Platform
Basic description; key parts; configurations; ammunition; internal, external and terminal ballistics; and 5.56 vs. .223 calibers

Operator-Level Maintenance
Disassembly; cleaning and maintenance; lubrication; reassembly; function check; and tools, accessories, and supplies

Carry Option Recommendations
Slings; magazines; and web gear

Tactical Marksmanship Principles
Stance and body positions; grip; breathing control; stock/cheek weld; eye relief; sight alignment and sight picture; trigger management; and follow-through

Mounting the Weapon
Point, low-ready, high-ready, and entry-ready positions; and actions after shooting

Basic Weapon Manipulation
Loading, unloading, and press check; various methods for speed and tactical reloading; and malfunction drills

Zeroing Principles
Mechanical zero; muzzle-sight relationship; battle sight zero; co-witnessing optical sights

All topics on this page are covered in a half-day of training